ALT.noize with Mslwte and Tassid

dont riot tonight!

tune into ALT.noize podcast

from 6pm GMT with Mslwte and 7pm with Tassid :cool:

Is yerman a dyslexic after he got Tazered rioting?

just too much acid mate :wink:

live now people :slight_smile:

You have a live listener too :smiley:

as long as i get one im happy :smiley:

Is it live mate?

is it F :wink:

cant guarentee ill be home from work lol

Some cool tracks mate… will there be a tracklist?


Cool track now with Perc & rising reverb riff

[quote]ICN (09/08/2011)[hr]Cool track now with Perc & rising reverb riff[/quote]

yeah man,it is

 i dont think traktor saved the track order for some reason this time. ill see what i can do:cool:

Track after it is winner too mate… love that groove with the skippy double hit in the 2nd bar.

What happened :w00t:

Don’t care :hehe:

Have to admit mate, your mixes are getting better and better.

Thanks Saul

Nice mix yet again Muzzi :smiley:

That Sandwell District mix of Nik Dunton has to be one of my biggest tunes of the year:)

Tell ya what that track 11 minutes in is fckn great - that guy should be famous :smiley:

Cool mix mate

Tbh I always approach each mix differently. I don’t structure my mixes.I just throw caution to the wind lol. Sometimes smooth mixing, sometimes I’ll mix tracks real quick. Just bang track together lol Just try to be different I suppose. Keep it interesting and human.

Hope you all enjoy them :slight_smile: