Alternative to improvisator for mac?

Hi, i was watching the first few videos about how to make trance, and saw something i really loved the look of… Improvisator, it would really help me with making chord progressions obviously, and i could learn alot from looking at the way the chord structures that i like are put together… Then i realised, its a windows plugin… ahh… is there anything similar for mac?


it’s mac as well mate


Thanks, thought it was windows only… I downloaded the demo, and i copied the .vst file to mac HD/Library/Audio/Plugins/VST but when i open ableton it doesnt recognise it, it doesnt show up in the plugin section like the rest of my instruments? any ideas?

is your Mac Intel or PowerPC? It only works on macs with Intel chipsets.

yeah mine is intel… :S have i installed it right?

try going to ableton preferences and re-scaning your vst library

tried that, still not showing up in my plugins :S