Always using the same sounds?

Ok guys and girls heres one for you i was thinking about it while lying in bed lol.

Is it better to use the same sound all the time so people recognise your tunes and say oh thats a such and such tune i know their “Sound” …OR are you better creating new sounds and changing styles up pushing boundries etc.

Please answer but leave a message as to why so we can all see your thoughts.

Personally im all for a new sound or progressing a sound rather then the same one i get bored to easy and want to push boundries

News sounds are allways better i think that expanding your music into different genres opens way more doors (gigs) and keeps you on your toes …and your audience :slight_smile:

i really am 50/50 about this, i think that if you are capable of using the same sounds to create something totally original then it’s fine, but if you are going to use the same sounds, same arrangement with only slight variations on riffs and drums then the music will become very tedious quickly. many great artist use the same sounds in most of their music in a set time period (mark Knights, Chris Lake, randy Katana) are just a few i can think of.

i also feel that copying a sound from another artist is fine so long as you do something original with, most of us like the music we like because of a sound that that particular artist has used so why not produce using those sounds, it won’t make you any less original than if you created your own sounds.

Then have the dopes like ATB that can’t get away from the same sound to save his life! :smiley:

totally jon im always trying to get a certain sound i hear and then try and take it further and see what i can do with it myself once i have created the basic sound :smiley:

Well, if I ever had a “certain” sound that pays the bills, you better believe I’m going to run it into the ground. I’m all about the quid mate!

But seeing as I’m currently just some random dude making beeps, clicks, and whistles on his laptop, I’m all about artistic integrity and pushing boundaries. :wink:

i think that some artists get so hung up on being original or pushing boundaries that what they are doing then becomes pointless. i know there are no rules to writing “music” but we need to follow certain guide lines

  1. the track needs to have a groove that you can dance to
  2. the track needs to have a good structure that makes it sit well in the mix and easy to mix

    i think these are the major two that some artist forget about when trying to be “original”

Music is just an art form, be creative, go with your feeling, go with the vibe, i think people will end up having a similar style which can be confused with a ‘sound’ as it’s their kinda ‘way’ about them, but their tracks will still be different.

I mean you look at pretty much any big name producer out there and you can always tell it’s their track, just because of their style, their methods, their production techniques, etc, just the little things together that make up one body. Yet the tracks are all different in their own right.

Taking the same track and basically changing it around a little however and re-releasing it as a diff track is just a bit silly really.

Anyone heard that new song by axwell that sounds exactly pijanoo?? What the f*ck is that all about??


This one is a no brainer IMO. I would continue to push the boundaries with all of your sounds. People are already going to recognize your tracks based on your wobble and your programming. Your sounds may change, but your style of programming won’t. It’s like learning to play a really hard instrument… You’ll learn new tricks always, but your technique that you were taught in the beginning, self or not, will not change(habits that you’ve formed, etc etc). Look at Will Bailey for example. Even his techno side still has that same jackin wobble found in his fidget tracks, but doesn’t sound fidget. Yet you know it’s him. I would say especially with the amount of releases you have out, you already have a “sound” without repeating yourself ever. Keep up the good work!


think of it as you’ve created your own groove template that only you can apply. it’s that WoNK “swing”. All else is up in the air!

wicked replies guys they all have so much depth :smiley: great to see what you all think

As said in above posts

This is a really tough one.

armand van helden changes his sound all the time basically chasing the current trend


Prodigy sticks to roughly the same sound in most of their songs

Both great artists so i dont think it really matters.