Amazing E Book For producers!

This book is amazing ive been having it for quite a while and just finished it theres something for the noobs and pros in here.Theyre making a second one so if you would love to contribute contact him. Heres what it covers.

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  1. Creating a Home Studio

    Introduction to Electronic Music Production

    Basic Tools for Producer

    Budget Software Sequencer

    Advanced Software Sequencer



  2. Music Theory



    Musical Notation


    Understanding Chord Progression

    C Major Chord Progression Chart

    Transposing Chords Progression

    C Minor Chord Progression Chart

    Chord Progression Chart Based on Any Scale


    Further Reading

    Emotional Chord Progression

  3. Genre

    Decide what Genre to compose.

    Genre Choice

    Sub Genres

  4. Song Arrangement

    Considerations Before Arranging a Song

    Arrangement Categories and Arrangement Block Types.

    Arrangement Block Types (single)

    Decide the Sequence of Arrangement Block Types.

  5. Drum and Percussion Elements

    Determine the Drum Kit to use

    Drum Timbre

    Drum Sequences

    Percussion Style

    Drum Extras


  6. Drum Pattern

    Drum and Percussion sequencing.

    A) Breakbeat – 100 to 150 BMP

    B) Hip Hop– Below 100 BMP

    C) Drum and Bass – Above 150 BMP

    D) Percussion Sequencing

    E) Electronic Drum Rolls

  7. Introduction to Synthesis

    Basic Tutorial In Sound Design

    Introduction to Additive Synthesis

    Introduction to Subtractive Synthesis

    LFO Low Frequency Operator


  8. Electronic and Analogue Instruments for the Dance Producer

    Timbre Elements

    Pallet of Available Sound Sources / Instruments

    Timbre Matrix


    Pre Beat

    Music Samples (Unprocessed)

    Music Samples (Processed)


    Vocal Elements (Unprocessed)

    Vocal Elements (Processed)

  9. Creating Electronic Instruments

    Understand Your Studio Tools

    Timbre Creation

    Musical Sequence Categories: Single Note

    Musical Sequence Categories: Multiple Notes

    9.1 Advanced Synthesis: Time

    Modulation With Multiple LFOs to Achieve Infinite Tonal Variation


    Track Automation

    9.2 Advanced Synthesis: Bass

    Phattening up a Bass

    Rapid Rhythmic Motion Bass

    Warble Resonance Bass

    9.3 Advanced Synthesis: Synth

    Elastic Synth

    Multi Mod Synth

  10. Rhythm

    Musical Rhythmic Juxtaposition

    Categories of Rhythm

    Combining Rhythms for an Effective Groove

    Note Length

    Unsuccessful Rhythmic Combinations

    Rhythmic Patterns

    Alternating Rhythmic Patterns

    Other Grid Sizes

    Drum Rhythm combined with Bass, Lead or Synth Rhythm

    Rhythmic Intensity: Song

  11. Sound Effects

    Sound Effects Categories

    Creating Digital Sound Effects

    Analogue Source

    DSP Source

  12. Dance Music Production Rudiments
  1. Pre Production

    ----i) Experimentation

    ----ii) Creation

    ----iii) Inspiration

    2A) Production: Arrangement

    ----i) Arrangement

    ----ii) Build Up

    2B Production: Drums and Percussion

    ----i) Drums

    ----ii) Drum End

    ----iii) Drum FX

    ----iv) Percussion

    2C Production: Instruments

    ----i) Bass

    ----ii) Synth

    ----iii) Novelty

    ----iv) Production

    ----v) Sound Effects (Digital)

    ----vi) Sound Effects (Analogue)
  2. Post Production

    ----i) Production FX

  1. Digital Signal Processing

    Categories of DSP

    Effects and Mastering DSP

    Applying Filters to Instruments

  2. Mastering

    The purpose of Mastering

    Step By Step Mastering

    EQ and Mastering Table

  3. Organising your Studio to Optimise your Workflow

    Good Housekeeping

  4. Live Performance for the Dance Musician

  5. Selling Your Music

    Online Music Distribution Portals

    Create Your Own Record Label

Seriously sweet find man.

Just go to glossary and follow through and if theres any sections missing click on the folder that is needed

Nice one :smiley:

Thanks. So much my friend

Thank you so much ! :w00t:

This looks awesome.

Annoyingly I already have a back log of tutorial videos and books. Damn, will I ever get the time to go through it all!

I think Howie or Jon sent me this before once, valuable knowledge.

[quote]roben (30/04/2010)[hr]I think Howie or Jon sent me this before once, valuable knowledge.[/quote]

In Deed :smiley: