Ambient house / melodic minimal

not much happening, but still a lot of instruments, effects and modulation. hard to control. not sure whether this mix sounds pleasant or is just noise.

Hi there @kuchenchef

Long time not seen here… Hope you’re doing well :wink:

Musically sounding pleasant to my ears, but yes, a lot going on & the mix gets very busy & muddy, might need filtering, EQ and some side chain and then balancing the mix again, right now it’s quite loud, especially in the low end which might be taking a lot of energy in the mix. Won’t judge too much on the mix though since at the moment I’m not relaying on my usual audio setup for listening.

You wrote that “not much happening” but it works in a way, it’s chill & a bit groovy, very progressive & easy listening. The problem might be the kick being very present comparing to the rest of the track. In terms of arrangement, it might just need a real break with no percussive elements ( I heard some voices before the end, might be cool to use them with just a very few elements in the break section ).

So yes, this track might need some mix & arrangement tweaks but overall, I like the feel & musical print of the mix.

Cheers !

hey, thanks. i was travelling the last months and all i had with me was my tiny business laptop. not much fun to work on that thing. one instance of diva and the cpu starts to complain.

i went through the project and tried to tone it down. quieter kick, different bass and deleting a lot of things.

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Nice rework :wink: , much more clarity in this version.

At least it’s already nice to have this laptop, if you travel a lot it’s always great to be able to make some music, better than reading books IMO :smile:

I’m really digging the groove of this one, the foundation of the track is really cool.
Some “glitchy” elements are jumping in to some quite surprising timing, but well, writing this, I know myself and that I have a kind of “rigid” sense of rhythm :grin: :sweat_smile:

I would have seen a really minimal break around the 3/4 of the track, maybe just a background synth layer and some bass notes, just my extrapolation on the track, LOL.

But yep, cool groove & feel, it’s chill, a bit funk, not really a 80’s sounding but some essence of it with a much more modern touch. Nice one overall :wink:

thanks for your feedback. the sometimes random appearance of sounds in the song is not your “rigid” sense of rhythm. it is more that the project file is a mess and for those glitchy elements it’s not that easy to figure out where the sound comes from. i need to clean that up.

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  1. What are your favourite parts/ elements of the track and why?
    (emotion, groove, sound choices, theme, journey, energy, clarity etc)

I love the kick and the collection of ambient sounds that float around it. all the sounds seem to fit and gel together really well, there seems to be consistent theme in the track that never gets boring, the energy flow seems steady also.

  1. What is the one thing you would aim to improve if this was your track and why?

if this was a track that I was producing, the one thing I would add would be break

  1. What suggestions do you have for making that change?

my only suggestion would be to add a break

great job, very nice work
I know it doesn’t matter but what daw did you use?

hey, thanks a lot. guess i have to add a break. ^^

It’s only my opinion. If your happy with it then leave it.