Ambient house

relatively simple two-chord-techno. it should be a few minutes longer but i can’t find anything that doesn’t make it too repetitive or too melodic.

Hey there @kuchenchef

Really nice sounds in this one, like the ambient & chill feel and the minimalist approach for the overall beat & the drums elements, it’s making room for the nice synths layers, those are playing very nicely together IMO. The top & main lead synths might be a tiny bit too much in the front comparing to the Bass & Drums. Not too much though, you have to preserve that minimalist drums sounding in this track I think, so yep, the perfect sweet spot for level adjustment between elements might take some trials & testing. A few dB down on the overall track master level could help too.

For the duration of the track & what could be next, well I was expecting a break when I reached the vocals at around 2:22, if you remove all drums at this point and just keep those vocals & one sustained synth sound ( nothing arpeggios or rhythmic ) and maybe some background noise like you used in the track, you should get a good start for a nice break and even a melody or new instrument insert that might inspire you for the rest of the arrangement.

Nice one :slight_smile: good balance between a dark & chill feel when listening which makes it pleasant btw.

Cheers !

thanks a lot. i thought about your suggestion how to proceed and it could sound nice. a quieter, monotone sequence, maybe exploring the vocoder a bit further, and then building towards to some kind of blurry chord driven melody. as much as i like playing around with two/three/four chords it’s a pain to get more than two minutes out of an idea because it very quickly starts to sound like a loop instead of a real song.

Well, electronic music in general is quite linear & based around repeating patterns & loops, but IMO if you keep this rule only to the core elements & manage to get subtle & tiny variations in the different parts it can make the all progression & track work from start to end. I personally like music that you have to listen more than one time in order to hear those subtle variations. Drastic changes are more difficult to implement I think, you may have the feeling that you’re adding interest to the all song but in the end it’s also easy to break the all track listening experience. That said, it’s all very subjective of course ( like music is :smile: ) both for the producer & the listener.

Arrangement is really tuff to get right to be honest but yeah, unfortunately it’s often what makes the difference. I think after some time & learning we’re all able to get some nice loops & parts, now taking those to a full track is something else & really challenging, that’s for sure :kissing: :wink: