Ambient Selection Vol 2 by AK & Tim Schaufert / 2015

Ambient Selection Vol 2 by AK & Tim Schaufert

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After much success from Ambient Selection Vol.1, AK and Tim Schaufert are back with Ambient Selection Vol.2! Take a trip to the blissful ethers with a sound library filled with hand crafted and recorded textures, pads, bass, percussion, glitches, and so much more! This is the sound library made for other sound designers and music producers alike.

Taking off where Volume 1 left off, Ambient Selection Vol.2 has added production must-have’s; with bass loops, drum loops, experimental loops, hats, melodic elements, FX, and percussion. All sounds were made with both hardware and software to give you ultimate quality. This new approach of granular and spectral production techniques have taken an experimental twist, and making it the perfect addition to Ambient Selection Volume 1. No matter what style of chilled electronic music or abstract sound you are into, Ambient Selection Vol2 was created with the prolific producer in mind! Check out the demo and you will see what we mean. Whether you are into light or dark styles, this library has you covered!