Ambient sounds & chillout Tut

hi will their be any tutorials on how to make ambient music and chillout…just because it will nice to add those elements to a prog track or trance… something like this

- YouTube

Best relaxing trance chillout songs ever - YouTube

- YouTube

just like the spacey sounds


+1 here - I would be very interested in this.

Something in the flavour of Afterlife or Kruder & Dorfmeister as well. And Endorphin.

Dude ive been asking for a long time for Ambient/IDM but they’re so into EDM that they dont pay attention to us :smiley:

Maybe we’ll get lucky this time.

yea this a part im stuck on, I need that atmosphere background… its just more than pads in the background… so far I ran into Linplug vst that do the work… like cronox / albino /camelon 5000

I would be up for this too

any luck here : )

add me to the list

A bit of K&D would def be welcome here. Went to their gig in NY last week - was awesome.

man im a bug any luck : )

Add me to this list. Would really like to see some more laid back electronica tutorials.

+1!! Awesome idea … I just did a little sex wee! :blush:

hey hey : )

plse come tru : )