Ambiguious Sin - Private Track

Ok here is a dark ambient soundscape for a IDM Forum competition

Hope you enjoy - maybe enjoy is the wrong word :stuck_out_tongue:

Feedback and comments very welcome - only I need to submit it in 3 days

[hr] Ambiguious Sin - Nomad Spectrum - IDM FORUMS Eerie Soundtrack Comp Entry by Nomad Spectrum

**** cool. Heartbeat is wkd in it.

Those Reverb swells @ the start sound excellent on my monitors. Really nice reverb sound.

The glitchy hat-y things are deadly too. The whole track is nice the way it flows. You;'ve got a real knack with making evolving music like that Slender.

Sounds great. Heartbeats & nice + deep. Everything else is falling apart around it… Lovely.

Best of luck with it! Can we vote for ya?

Cheers mate

Nah its just up to those nice guys at IDM - so probably got no chance :smiley: