ANA 1.5 64-bit crashing Ableton Live 9.7.2

Hi everyone,
I use Ableton 9.7.2 64bit and used to work with ANA very well all time but now, I have no clue why, ANA 1.5 64-bit VST is causing Ableton to crash, either during startup when Ableton performs a VST scan or before, when the plugin is pulled onto a MIDI track.
Did anyone has experienc similar difficulties? I have both fully components reinstalled, ANA 1.5 AND Ableton and reset all configurations without any positive effect… As lot of my projects use ANA, I’m a really concerned as I cannot get my projects loaded anymore with ANA installed :frowning:

Any help is highly appreciated!

Have you changed anything?

New OS, change hard drive name/location? Novation automap? Etc.

Anything you can think of that may have changed.

Have you tried a clean install?

Hi Phil, thanks for your quick reaction.
Unfortunately I’m absolutely not aware of any changes you described.
As mentioned I have uninstalled ANA and Ableton and reinstalled both of it.
Now I tested it with FL Studio and also FL says, while scanning the plugin that it has an error.
So there must be something significantly wrong in my setup around ANA (and probably getting worse by uninstalling and re-installing)…Will continue investigating…!


What is the username of you account on the mac?

And the HD name of the main hard drive ?

Hi bryan,

working on Windows 7 64-bit.
hard drive name is C: “Default” but hasn’t changed.
recognized while reinstalling that the installation of presets is skipped (messages in installer window).
Is there a way to uninstall ANA in a clean way on a windows machine?

You can try and delete ANA and then reinstall it.

C:/programdata/sonic academy / a.n.a

Make sure to backup any user presets you have in there