ANA 1 to ANA 2 preset conversion please?

So I’m no longer able to use ANA 1 because of some OS issues but I still have the .aupreset file for my go-to lead. Here’s the Google Drive link. Could someone please either program a conversion of this to an ANA 2 preset or open it in their copy of ANA 1 and then rebuild this sound as an ANA 2 preset?

Hey there @jalexbeatz

This link contain an .aupreset file that you just drag & drop onto Ableton, right ?

Just did that and then saved back to ANA 1 .preset format, could you please check if it’s matching your correct ANA 1 lead sound before trying to remake it inside ANA 2 ? I upload the preset below.

Fragility Lead 2.preset (1.1 KB)

@phil_johnston if you have time to give it a go for recreating this inside ANA 2 ( after @jalexbeatz confirmed it’s the correct sound…well it should be, just dragged the .aupreset onto Ableton and it loaded ANA 1 & this patch.)

I might try it myself too but I’ll be honest, my sound design skills still sucks… :smile: :blush:

The .aupreset file was actually from Logic. I can’t really take a look at this preset for reference because as I said, I can’t open and use ANA 1 anymore.

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I bounced a few Midi notes using ANA 1 & your preset inside Ableton on a Mac, does it sound like your lead ?

Yep. That’s it.

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I will give it a go myself & see if I can get close to it, and hopefully Phil can definitely match it inside ANA 2 :wink:


So here’s my take on trying to recreate your lead with ANA 2, I think your sound is a bit sharper & brighter, with more of a click attack but hopefully that might help and put you in the ballpark to fine adjust it, let me know. I’m definitely not a synthesis guru :smile: :wink:

ANA 2-Fragility Lead 2.SndPr (22.7 KB)

It’s close enough. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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Happy if that could help :wink:

I’ll be honest, to me it sounds “close enough” when playing long notes & chords, now it’s slightly different when playing more staccato or arpeggio notes I think.

Maybe Phil will give it a go as well, it should be pretty close then :smile:

Okay then. I’m interested to see what how he does.

Sorry been a busy couple of weeks…

I think this might actually make for a good tutorial…

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Yes that would be very useful, it’s really not obvious to try matching ANA 1 presets inside ANA 2, while you can see what waveform was used on ANA 1 OSC and the LFO assignments, there’s a lot more parameters inside ANA 2 and you don’t really have a clue if the knobs values & ratio are the same, so there’s a lot of guessing & trying to match things by ear.

I’ll try to refine my patch at spare time and see if I can get closer to the original but having tips on the correct approach & best workflow to breakdown & reconstruct presets from one synth to the other will definitely be helpful :wink: