ANA 1 - with OSX Catalina

Hi there, I made the mistake of upgrading to OSX Catalina, and now ANA1.5 refuses to run in Logic Pro. When Logic first loaded after the update, I noticed a message saying that my ANA trial had expired (which is incorrect, as I had it licensed, and it worked fine last night). I then checked and saw that ANA no longer shows up in my instruments list under Sonic Academy (kick and ANA2 are still there). I then used plug in manager, where there is a message saying failed to load. I clicked the box and told it to load anyway, and I then received a message box showing the attempt to initialise ANA, which failed and again with a message about the trial expiring, so I suspect the issue is tied to the licensing security feature?

I do have ANA2, but I have a whole heap of ANA1 presets, so would really prefer being able to use ANA1 as well as ANA2. Alternatively, is there some way to load my ANA1 presets into ANA2?


Hi there @Dj_KnighteHawk

Unfortunately no, there’s no way to load or convert ANA 1.5 presets so that they will work with ANA 2, they are totally 2 different synths.

Next to that you might run into many other issues with other plugins or DAW outside Logic X. During the past weeks I received many emails from DAW & Plugins manufacturers warning people and telling them to wait before upgrading to Catalina, it was risky to take the early adopter road IMO.

  • 2 days ago, Logic Pro X was also updated to 10.4.7, make sure yours is up to date before trying the following.

It’s up to you to try the following, it might very well be that it’s purely & simply a compatibility issue between ANA 1.5 and MacOS Catalina, taking those steps is just a way to ensure that the Catalina upgrade didn’t break ANA 1.5 current installation.

You could try to back up your user folder inside ANA 1.5 install directory and remove files & license, then reboot your Mac, start Logic once without ANA 1.5, close it and then reinstall ANA 1.5 and the License file ( you can re-download them from your user account Sign Up ( be sure to be logged in before using the link ), rebooting your Mac after new install prior to open Logic.

But again, this is just what you could try to be sure & check if this could make ANA 1.5 working under Catalina, I really can’t tell if its compatible with this MacOS release.

IMHO, it’s a good habit to stay at least one release behind the current Apple one, I know it’s tempting or sometime needed to upgrade in order to get other apps upgrades and new features, but really when it comes to audio, you have to be cautious with those MacOS upgrades.

Any chance to restore your Mojave, did you make a backup ?

To uninstall ANA 1.5 files and the plugins and backup your user presets, you can do the following, no warranty that it will make it work with Catalina though.

  • Go to your MAC HDD DRIVE/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/A.N.A
    From there go to the Presets folder and either you created a User Presets folder in there or onto another location, then you want to copy & backup this folder, or your own presets where saved onto the Factory library folder.

So best thing is to back up your entire Presets folder IMO, you’ll be able to re-download any purchased presets pack from your account and the factory ones will be re-install upon new installation, but it’s up to you to find and backup your own presets.

Once done remove the entire A.N.A folder.

  • Remove your plugins :

AU : Your MAC HDD DRIVE/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components remove A.N.A x64.component ( 64 bit version, if you have any 32 bit A.N.A.component in there, remove it too.

VST : Your MAC HDD DRIVE/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST remove A.N.A x64.vst same rule if you have any 32 bit A.N.A x64.vst, remove it too.

  • Then Empty MacOS Trashcan & reboot your Mac. Start Logic Once, close it.
  • Re-download ANA 1.5, License and any purchased presets packs from your S.A account.
  • Unzip the archive, perform a new installation of the plugins and License then reboot your Mac again.
  • Upon restart start Logic, open up an instance of ANA 1.5 and see if it works or not.

Again, there’s no warranty that this will work, it’s just a clean way to be sure that everything is set as it should be and to avoid any permission files corruption or issue due to the Catalina upgrade.

Hope this helps, feel free to report it back here on the forums.

Cheers !

Hey again @Dj_KnighteHawk

So yep, from what I heard from S.A support ANA 1.5 won’t work inside Logic under MacOS Catalina, might only work under Ableton Live with this version of MacOS at the time. Can’t tell you much more for now, S.A team will need to investigate this further, but for now I believe that even a clean uninstall/install procedure wont solve your issue.

Hi Tekalight, thanks for the suggestions and letting me know the current status.

It feels to me like the issue is more around the registration protection implementation rather than ANA itself as that seems to be what is stopping ANA from running each time I try, so hopefully SA is able to resolve the issue. Kick 2 and ANA2 work fine (as do a lot of other instruments such as Sylenth, Massive etc). I actually only lost two plug-ins with the up-grade… ANA and a really old 32 bit plugin.

Yep, Apple had announced the complete 32 bit support drop with Catalina. Even wondering if wrappers apps like Soundradix 32Lives are still gonna work.

Did you give a try to the manual uninstall for ANA by the way ?

Any updates on ANA 1 - with OSX Catalina using Logic Pro X 10.4.8?

It’s not work for my Catalina 10.15.2, and i only use Logic Pro X .
I kinda need it to work, and doing that 64 bit install dose nothing as well to fix it. Stuck on this one message saying that my"ANA trial had expired" but how if it’s licensed?

Please let me know about any new updated for ANA 1

Hey there @Net-Zone

Haven’t heard anything new about this from S.A team yet, will try to know more about this and update the forums.

Unfortunately the issue with ANA 1.5 is we did it through a 3rd party dev that used a proprietary framework. So updating it is quite difficult. We are working on getting the dev involved again but I can’t promise we will be able to solve it.

For my own Older projects I’ve been booting on an older OS and recreating the ANA 1.5 presets in ANA 2 and swapping them. ( it usually ends up sounding better)


Thanks for the update Phil. I have started doing the same as well, and I agree, it does sound better in ANA 2.

It would be nice to get a new ANA2 pack that contains a recreation of some of the older ANA 1.5 packs… I really like a lot of my 1.5 presets… especially the synthwave and the various trance ones.

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If there are any particular presets you can’t quite replicate I’m happy to have a go.

At this point if there is any replicate 1.5 presets for ANA2 please feel free to update on that as that would help me to make the jump.
Still sad to hear 1.5 struggling a bit to be on it’s feet.

I appreciate your looking into the possibility of support for ANA 1.5 and Catalina. Half of my production catalog from the last four years is built on ANA 1.5 in some way or another, so outside of reverting to a previous OS version I am going to have figure out an alternative.

I just purchased ANA 2 and will rebuild the presets to as close as possible if all else fails, but thought it would have been cool to see a legacy, 1.5 preset section in 2 for those of us who are upgrading as a result.

Hello guys, I have exactly the same issue… How do you guys manage to transfer/copy/whatever ANA1.5 preset to work on ANA2 ? cause if we can do this it’s like perfect, I can only use ANA2 with ANA1.5 preset…

Hey there @bezoar

Unfortunately it’s simply not possible to do this, ANA 2 was designed from the ground up, it’s a different synth than ANA 1.5 and therefore the presets are not compatible between the 2 synths.

The only way to use the same/similar presets you have in ANA 1.5 is to recreate them from scratch with ANA 2.

If there are particular ANA 1 presets you want I can have a go at replicating them in ANA 2

Hi Phil!

Would you be interested in converting some ANA 1.5 presets for me? For a fee of course. I’m dying to get some over to ANA 2 as my old music laptop is dying a slow death and my new one can’t run Mojave :frowning:

Or could you possibly share the conversion process and I’ll have a go myself?

Thanks a lot,

Hi KnigteHawk!

Would you be interested in converting some ANA 1.5 presets for me? For a fee of course. I’m dying to get some over to ANA 2 as my old music laptop is dying a slow death and my new one can’t run Mojave :frowning: I’ve tried to contact Phil, both on here and through FB, but to no avail.

Or could you possibly share the conversion process and I’ll have a go myself?

Thanks a lot!

Hi there @Ocorra

Unfortunately there is no “conversion process” between ANA 1.5 and ANA 2 presets since those are two different software synths. ANA 2 was built up from the ground up and it’s using a totally different preset format than ANA 1.5, therefore, it’s not a simple matter of “converting”, the presets need to be re-designed from scratch inside ANA 2.

As for getting in touch with Phil, no worries, he’ll be reading your question as well, but hey, simple point here : it’s weekend right now, and you just posted this an hour ago :wink: :slight_smile:

But again, no easy way or magic converter between ANA 1.5 & ANA 2, it’s involving manually recreating each patch.

Let me know the presets and I will have a go…

As has been said there’s no conversion process other than just coping the wave forms, matching the volumes and filters etc. By ear.

ANA 2 can in theory replicate all the same stuff as ANA 1 it just takes a bit of tweaking.

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Hi Phil!

Thanks so much for getting back to me. Below are the presets that I would love to have in ANA 2. I’ve also placed them in a Google Drive folder if it helps. Here’s the link:

ANA 1.5 Presets

Vol 6 Prog Trance Pluck - Ice Pick
Vol 6 Prog Trance Plucks - Dynamic
Vol 6 Prog Trance Plucks - Pulse Guitar
Vol 6 Prog Trance Lead - Fable
Vol 6 Prog Trance Pad - Sunset
Vol 6 Prog Trance Stab - Harbour
Vol 4 Adam Ellis Pure Trance Bass - Bass Pad 1
Vol 4 Adam Ellis Pure Trance Bass - Bass Pad 2

Thanks a mil!

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