ANA 2.5 Black Friday 22 MEGA Bundle / 11

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This is the Black Friday 2022 MEGA Bundle for ANA 2.5

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge on ANA 2.5 - now is the time to do so, as we have packaged up all 17 ANA 2 Preset Packs into one huge bundle with ANA 2.5 included!

Also included is our brand-new Multisampling Expansion Pack!

Ana 2.5 is included in to Ana Mega Bundle?

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Yes sure :slight_smile:

This bundle includes ANA 2.5 plug-in + all 17 Expansion Presets Packs released by Sonic Academy so far ( including the brand new Multisample Expansion to get the best out the new ANA 2.5 Multi Sampling new feature :sunglasses: ).

You can scroll down the page or click on the : View Items In This Bundle link to see the included content.

Hope this helps answering your question !

Cheers :wink: