ANA 2.5 Is Here!

We are so proud and super excited to deliver to you guys our biggest upgrade to one of the world’s most exciting synths - ANA 2.5. We have worked tirelessly for 18 months to bring you an incredibly exciting new sound palette to this game-changing synth, everyone say hello to ANA 2.5 - Multisampling. Now you can create beautifully deep-sampled, exquisite instruments from right within ANA.
Use this new functionality to dream up new sonic worlds across the three available multi-sampling oscillators, or go even further, blending the first three subtractive / FM oscillators to create mind-blowing soundscapes - all in one synth.
Send to CMD and ARP whilst modulating via the G-ENV, and the possibilities are endless. ANA 2.5 has just become the must-have synth for all serious producers out there.
We didn’t just stop there, we have also added some more cool features. Each oscillator now has pitch drift, allowing you to control micro changes in pitch with each note press to mimic that classic analogue sound even more closely. In the filter section, you now have more control over how the filter drive works with a new gain function. Allowing you to drive harder into the filter to really make ANA 2.5 sound epically aggressive.


Tried to add a sample from my soundbank into the sampler engine by drag and drop, but the sampler engine won’t receive nor add the sample into ANA. All that appears is blank, or when on init preset it won’t replace the sample that comes.

What format was the sample?

just wanted to point out that the multisample feature is really well done. did purchase the multisample pack – of course. Such product maintenance has to be rewarded. had a play with it yesterday evening. it’s like having a small multisample-capable sampler inside of ANA 2. no big features like time strech / granular, but still: very usefull.

One thing that bugs me tho is that ANA takes up more and more space on my C:-drive. The temporary solution I found is to use a hard symbolic link that points to a folder on my H:-drive. So ANA thinks it’s still on C: storing presets or loading samples when actually it’s on H:.

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sfz import or conversion would be a good idea. Also converting compressed samples if/as necessary. Quite possibly a simple separate program would suffice to import .sfz into the user content folders.

Any idea how long it will be until we see AS native AAX?

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Welcome to the forums ! :sunglasses:

You mean Native ARM AAX plugin format for Protools ?

Think the devs are already looking into this but it’s essentially depending on Protools and how it handles native ARM plugins, from memory it wasn’t already implemented because of some retro-compatibility between PT versions that would have broke recalling projects I believe.

But yeah, should come at some point if I’m not mistaking :wink:

Any confirmation about this @bryan_spence ?

should be in the next build :+1:

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Hi all. New to SA but I purchased ANA2 Through slate digital. My question is does ANA2 automatically upgrade and for free even though I didn’t purchase it outright from SA?


Hi there and welcome to the forums :sunglasses:

Yes, you will get updates through the Slate Digital ‘Connect’ application or from their Installers Page.

At the moment latest available version for Slate Digital “All Access Pass” customers is v2.0.994.

ANA v2.5 should be available soon hopefully :wink:

That’s brilliant many thanks

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Just to let you know V2.5.2 has been released and includes AAX plugin support for Silicon Macs.

Hope this helps !

Cheers :sunglasses:

Great news!
Thank you.

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