ANA 2 Ableton 10 big issue


So i have no clue what to do about this, but i think its an issue that needs to be addressed in de ana2 vst plugin.

When i load my ableton 10 and use all kinds of plugins everything is stable, but when i start using ana2, my cpu is peaking between 20-55% usage depending on what instrument i pick. Which results in a crash all the time.

I have no other plugins or anything active at the moment. I have one active midi and one active audio channel. De audio channel for the track i want to work with and the midi channel to play notes i hear in the track for example to make chords. When the default analog plugin opens the cpu stays around 5-10%. It doesn’t matter how many midi clips or audio clips i have opened it stays around that.

When i stop playing my track , the cpu % goes back to 1-3% usage. Screenshot below !

I have been unable to explore ana2 for quite some while now and i think its getting really frustrating at this point.

So how can we fix this ?


What are your system specs? CPU, Ram, OS version?

Have you got the latest version of ANA 2… 2.0.81 ?

What is your buffer size set to?


I got a macbook pro late 2013. Core I7 8gb, latest OS on it

Got version 2.0.81

Played around with buffer sizes from 256kb to 2048kb. It’s all the same. Issue keeps occuring only when using Ana 2


Is this happening with particular presets? Or every preset?

What version of Ableton are you using?

It happens with all presets. The cpu load varies between 25-50% per chosen preset, so you can imagine what happens if i put like 3-4 midi tracks up with ana2 in them.

I have latest 10.0.5, but also in the 9.7.7 version. The version doesnt matter, i had this issue since the launch of ableton 10. Ableton itself is a stable software program.

I first thought it was due to instability from ableton, but we are now 5 patches into 10 and still the same trouble occurs.

just to clarify, it is or isn’t an issue in 9.7.7?

In 9.7.7 the cpu load adds up much slower, its more stable. I have encountered less crashes overall

@AtSevenAM what’s your audio card/interface and connection ? And do you have any internal buffer option from the audio interface ?

Also do you use any other 3thrd party soft-synths like i.e Serum to compare Ableton’s Live CPU load with ANA 2 ?


Sorry for late reply

external audio card motu. I also use other external sound cards like rolands tr8s or vt3, but its all the same. I put all my buffer options to the test from 256 to 2018 samples, and from 44khz to 192 no difference. CPU overloading with crackle when i use 2 ana instances.

I dont have serum, but i have massive, reaktor, fm8, absynth and they are all stable ! Not even exceeding 15% cpu load. When i have multiple of them running its slowly going up to a higher cpu load, but never any crackles or sound distortions.

i dont even wanna start adding automation lanes. Because then it will be even worse. I tested this by playing around with knobs and lfos and everything else.

All of these tested under latest Live 10.0.5 BTW ??

Then we could be entering specific issue related to system specs…

An “About This Mac” screen shot could help, like bellow, think about hiding your serial too :wink:

@AtSevenAM Thank you for the update & screen shot.

@bryan_spence @phil_johnston do you guys think this could be system specs related ?? Thx.

all tested with latest versions of both live 10 and 9