Ana 2 and push 2

hi guys,

just purchased ana2, techno pack and am using with push 2, all working really well and sounding top !

issue I’m having is when navigating via the push interface.

when load ana I see a complete list of all the patches on ANA os can take ages to flick through. Im wondering is there a setting in ANA that will allow it to display the categories, or more importantly the packs? or if theres maybe some kinda workaround even

Hi there @bricktop

Unfortunately no, using the “Browse” feature from Push 2 Controller will only display all available Patches/Presets, there’s no work around for that.

When it comes to Patches/Presets browsing, the best way is to get back to your mouse and ANA 2 GUI, clicking on the Arrow ( Left to Preset Name ) will allow you to navigate/select Packs & their sub-categories while clicking on the Preset Name itself will display ANA 2 Presets Browser where you can filter search via tags and also rate them.

You will find more information on the Presets Browser referring to ANA 2 Manual, starting from page 5.

hi guys, thanks for getting back, i guess we’re hoping to do everything from push though.
Think we’ll edit down the preset to a select patch list in the presets as a work around :slight_smile: