ANA 2 Arp note transpose

I am thinking of purchasing ANA 2 but I need to know whether its possible to transpose each note for example note 1 = 0 note 2 = -9 note 3 = +12 note 4 = -7. the Arp in sylenth 1 does this but it does not transmit midi notes like ANA 2 does

The ANA 2 arp is quite different from other arps. It’s more like a polyphonic step sequencer.

You have 6 note slots that correspond to the chords you play. You can then sequence these 6 notes and change chords / notes on the fly.

When you couple it up with the chord memory device the possibilities are very cool.

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Hi there @dzing74

LOL… Was finishing to type my reply… But yes like Phil mentioned, it’s a different approach from other arps.

The ARP function & feature in ANA 2 is not implemented with this classic layout & simple note transposition approach that you can find in other synth. ANA 2 offers an advanced 64 note polyphonic step arpeggiator with note re-order, simultaneous arpeggios sequences on 3 different Octaves as well as 2 assignable modulations.

Furthermore, the arpeggiator can be combine with ANA 2 unique Chord Progression CMD feature, which gives you incredible creative possibilities that are probably unrivaled in other synths.

I suggest you to download a demo of ANA 2 from the product page, just click on the “ANA 2 OUT NOW - Download the demo” blue banner. The manual is also included in the download and you will get more information about the ARP features with ANA 2 starting from Page 44.

I also recommend you to check the overview videos on the product page as well as S.A YT channel ANA 2 playlist.

thank you for replying and your very knowledgeable information

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