ANA 2 Arp question + Manuall? (Slate version)

I have gone through the Bluffmunkey ANA2 tutorial but some features of the arpeggiator are unclear. Any help would be appreciated.

In the Slate Digital version of AnA2 There is no activity when I hit “Manual PDF” in the Menu. And I cannot find one on the web.

I have not successfully been able to copy/paste anything in the arpeggiator

  1. Assuming a 16-step length…
    What are the numbers on the bottom (16, 32, 64,64)?

  2. If I have 4 16th notes in the first “box” and I want to copy/paste those 4 notes into the NEXT box it doesn’t work if I hit the bottom row because it turns into “32”

Could someone please send a working link for the ANA2 manual or…

Could someone do a VERY SIMPLE step by step example of copying and pasting in the arpeggiator? It goes by VERY fast in the tutorial and does not seem to be intuitive.

Hey there just saw your post on FB.

If not available as a separate .pdf file in the download archive from Slate Digital, the manual gets installed on your computer when running the installer.

  • On a Mac you should find the ANA 2 Manual.pdf manual in Applications/Sonic Academy/ANA 2 folder

  • On Windows it should be installed in : C:/ProgramData/Sonic Academy/ANA 2 folder

Phil has answered your question about the copy/paste feature inside the arpegiator on FB I guess. :wink:

Hope that helps !