ANA 2 Beta not showing in my VST folder

Continuing the discussion from 2.1.0b5 Available Now:
So I’ve just download the beta 2,1,0b5 and it will not show in my VST folder, Ableton will not recognise or find it, not had this problem before ?

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Mac or PC ?

Just the VST2 ?

VST3 for the new beta is not showing up in Ableton Live (11.1.5) for me on PC (did not install the VST2). The previous version did show. The non-beta VST3 works after reinstalling.

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Its seems like i will have to un-install all older versions of ANA then re-install the Beta version, I am still using Ableton Live suite 8 64bit, I will give this a try and keep us updated

Regards Tony

Can confirm for this version under Windows.
The small file size of both VST versions (2 MB) suggests something went wrong when putting the package together?

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Same in Cubase and Studio One, it’s not recognized as a valid plugin.
The .vst3 file is 2048 KB while the latest non-beta release is around 11.4 MB.

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Just installed 2.1.0b5 on Windows here and I can also confirm the issue reported by other users.

It’s for the PC installer only, no issue for MAC users.

→ on Windows after installing, both VST2 & VST3 are 2048 KB in size after install and they won’t show up in the DAW.

hi all

please go to your account area and re download - should be fixed


Thanks Bryan, fixed under Windows for me :thumbsup:

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