ANA 2 brings DAW to crash

just to be clear - this is ANA 2 correct?
Only because you say its been working for years, but ANA 2 only just released late last year

My DAW without ANA 2 is working for years. That’s what I meant. :wink:

great :slight_smile: the error report will help - as well as what exactly you were doing at the time (it may be a specific preset causing it)

I also suspect that it happens during the preset change. I will contact you as soon as the problem arises again. :slight_smile:

First crash:


Second crash while choose presets quickly.


any particular preset?
can you reproduce this doing a set of specific actions / a video would help if thats possible

i notice you’ve owned ana 2 for a while, so is this new? have you updated anything recently since it started happening

I think it happens if I browse the Pads category and switch the presets quickly.

No, I have the problems with the crashes from the beginning.

I can’t upload my video here.

Yep, the upload limitation is normal, that’s in regard to some automated “trust level” on the forums, privileges grows with forum’s activity & performed actions.:wink:

Thank you for your link & the video, that will help support to investigate this further :wink:

Hi Timmey

Seems to be on the Jetter 1 preset - is that consistent?
Can you select the Jetter preset from the preset list without a crash?

Would you be available to do a Remote Desktop Session

Hi Bryan,

sorry but I’m at work at the moment. It happens at different presets. More often in the “PADS” category.

Shure, we can do a Teamviewer Session, if you want.

With kind regards

Was this actually solved, any feedback ?? Thanks :wink:

I switched from 32 to 64 bit Windows 7 and the issue is gone!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

All good then, enjoy ANA 2 & thanks for your update on this one :wink: