ANA 2 brings DAW to crash


i´ve bought ANA 2 at release day. So far so good… But if i open up ANA 2 it opens slowly. If i close, open, close, open it becomes more slowly. After a while my DAW crashes.

Are there any updates? How can i install them ?

Im using Studio One


Hi, i can feel the same with ANA 2. It,s not crash my Cubase 9.5 Pro but it`s work like slowmotion:( i wait for update too!

if you are experiencing slow GUI opening - we are working on a patch for that at the minute

I use Ana 2 in my project today, and Ana 2 crash my project couple time:(( so now i agree with d4bk user, Ana 2 crash daw:((

When will the update be available? DAW crashes 3 times within 2 hours … one time i cant save my work before crash :frowning:

Hi @Bjoern_K and @marro77, what step are you doing to make the DAW crash? Can you replicate it?

Hey @chris_agnelli,

i just open and close the plugin a couple of times to adjust some parameters. Than i feel that the ANA2 gui becomes a bit slower to open. Than if i keep open close ANA crashes…

Ok, thank you @Bjoern_K , we will look into this further.

I am experiencing similar issue with Cubase 9.5 on Windows 10. Opening GUI takes forever. Same issue with Ableton Live 9.7 :frowning:

Edit: I forgot to add that GUI may end up being all over the place once it actually opens.

Edit2: Weird. I think I solved the issue by restarting Windows. Go figure…

I have experienced the same problems on my iMac and MacBook… when i open ANA 2 the tracks starts getting slower and making little jumps until it chrashes and closes the DAW completely… it is a shame not to be able to work with this plugin properly…

Hi All

There is a 2.0.1 update in your accounts if you’d like to try it out and see if it helps with any of your issues.

Thx for the update :slight_smile: no crashes until now. Gui opens faster but i think this can improved too. Serum pop up directly. ANA has alittle bit of latency but its better than before …

Hey, i’m have the same problem but in fl studio. It takes like five minutes just to load the program and another minute every time I want to re-open it. I don’t have the 2.0.1 update available as far as I could find.

The latest ANA 2 update is in your account…

I am trying the Demo, which is 2.0.3
It crashes my audio buffer in cubase 9.5 on win7. I get loud buzzing sound and I have to reload cubase to fix it. It happends just to click on ANA.


my ANA 2 crashes on a 32 Bit Windows 7 system. DAW ist FL Studio 20 / FL Studio 12. I have already installed the newest version from your website. What can i do? It happens sometimes, if i switch through the presets. :\

Please fix this behavior. Thank You.

Hey @Timmey1983

Are you just experiencing this behaviour with ANA2 only or do you have other issues as well with other plugins in FL Studio ?

If you’re using the latest ANA2 version and the 32bits VST only according to your system, it could very well be that this issue is not coming from ANA2.

You have to make sure that you are using your system & FL Studio at their best in order to troubleshoot this correctly.

Depending of your PC specs, DAW & audio Interface setup, many things could play a role and lead to such behaviour.

It could help to go to Win Task Manager , find the matching FL.exe process and set it’s priority to ‘high’ as well as stopping unnecessary tasks & apps running in the background.

In FL Studio preferences as well you can try to adjust audio & buffer settings.

Maybe this could help you to check those and troubleshoot more to be able to say that this is coming from ANA2.

( Link is not active, copy/paste it into your browser )

Only ANA 2 crashes my DAW sometimes. Everthing is working stable for years.

Setup: RME Fireface UFX2 - 256 Buffer / 6ms - no other problems here.

The next time it will crashes my DAW, i will post the violation error here.

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Thanks for the feedback, yes, this will surely help support to troubleshoot this issue. :wink:

Thanks in advance for your help. :slight_smile: