Ana 2 can't select presets in Pro Tools?

I opened ANA 2 in Pro Tools for the first time, because i’m required to use it for an assignment, and I noticed the menu up top with the preset navigator is missing entirely and i can’t seem to get it back.
Im stuck on the initial preset, and can’t change it.

Does anyone know how to get it back or to browse presets in pro tools?

Hey there @cambell

Missing a lot of information here.

Is it a demo version of ANA 2 of licensed ? Slate Digital version or Sonic Academy ?
Have you installed the latest version v2.0.94 ?
What’s your version of Pro Tools ?
What Operating System & version are you using ?

First thing to try is to close Pro Tools and re-open it and relaunch a new instance of ANA 2. If you still can’t browse through presets then also try to click on the preset name ( 1 ) and it should gives you access to the Presets browser and there’s a “refresh” button ( 2 ) located bottom-right of the browser.

From the Menu you can also try to select “Init Preset” and check if that changes the display.
Another action from the menu is “Open User Preset Folder”, it should open the location where presets are installed, next to your “User” folder, you should find a “DLC” and “Factory” folders. Those folders are contained in a “Sound Presets” folder which is contained in a main “Presets” folder. If you are on MacOS with a case sensitive hard drive format type, you can try to change the “P” letter casing to lowercase or vice/versa ( so rename “Presets” to “presets” or the other way around. Relaunch Pro Tools and launch a new instance of ANA 2 on an instrument track and check if you now have access to your presets.

All of these are just tricks that sometime help to fix issues in case of such weird behavior, many times problems comes from a wrong user installation ( especially on Windows, using wrong installer version → you need to install only the version matching your OS specs : 32bit or 64bit and point the installer to the right location where to copy the VST file during installation.

If no one of the above works, I suggest you to try to uninstall & reinstall ANA 2 first. If this doesn’t solve the problem, it could be that it’s very specific to your DAW version but then we really need detailed information as mentioned before.