ANA 2 Cutoff goes to 20 HZ everytime I stop playback (In Cakewalk)

I don´t know if this is an issue with Cakewalk or something in my settings in ANA. Every time I stop the playback the Cutoff 1/2 filter goes to 20.00 Hz. I set it up and go back again when I press stop playback.

I try to check if by mistake I have recorded any automation. But, I don´t see anything.

Does anyone have any idea what I am missing?


Hey there @navarro_roberto

It might not be recorded automation in your DAW but rather than the knob is Midi mapped/assigned to a key or controller. Try this : right click on the Cutoff 1/2 knob on ANA 2’s GUI and select - clear - in the list to make sure that nothing is Midi mapped to this knob and then check if that’s solving your issue.

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Thanks! That resolve the issue!.

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