ANA 2 disabled after updating it using slate digital software

Hello, I updated my ANA 2 today using Slate Digital Connect Application and it went successfully. but when FL Studio tries to scan it, it does not have insert license key option in order to get activated. just ilok or activation code. there is no activation code in my account here, just a key file instead there is. please help if you could activate the plugin

Hi there @Ali_TN999

So yes, the Slate Digital version of ANA 2 uses iLOK for activation, so you are presented with the iLOK requirement message dialog here, which is normal after installing their version.

Do you have a Slate Digital “All Access Pass” subscription with them ? This is require to use the SD version and if you do then all iLOK issues have to go through SD support, we can’t hep with this.

Slate Digital Support page

If you don’t have an active SD “All Access Pass” sub, then download ANA 2 from your Sonic Academy account and run the installer, you’ll be back to our version and activation via License Key file.