ANA 2 dissapear after 2.5.4 update Por Tools

I really don’t know what happens with this plugin in pro tools.

Suddenly it stops sounding completely. You select a preset, record it, and nothing else comes up when you press play to listen. The only way is to change the preset.

Thinking about resolving this, I updated to version 2.5.4, and now pro tools report as if the plugin was no longer Apple silicon.

I have work to deliver and depending on this plugin is not a good choice. Excellent plugin, but with many bugs that are not fixed.

  • What version of Pro Tools are you using + what Mac OS version are you running ?

  • ANA v2.54 → are you using the Sonic Academy or the Slate Digital version ?

Try to re-download the installer and place the archive on your desktop and extract it from there and run the .pkg installer file from your desktop as well ( this can avoid some files permission issues and especially if you’re using the Slate Digital version, there’s a content folder that needs to be accessed by the installer ).