Ana 2 G-Env Bug

I’m attempting to modulate the OSC 4 volume knob using G-Env #2. I’m using a simple curve that starts at the top left corner and smoothly ramps down (in a concave shape) to -1 about 3/4 of the way thru the grid. This works fine when I set the sample volume to max (all the way to the right). I can play a note and the sample volume fades out before the end of the sample is reached from the influence of the G-Env.

However, if I move the volume knob to less then max (say 3 o’clock on the dial), instead of fading to 0 the G-Env seems to reset when -1 is reached and the sample volume jumps back up and the sample continues playing until the end of the sample is reached (which results in an abrupt cutoff).

As a work-around, I can lower the start of the G-env and still mix the OSC into the sound. But it’s definitely a work-around and the current behavior not ideal as the volume fader shows up as max volume even though the sound starts softly.

Other details:

  • Loop is off on the G-Env.
  • Depth on the G-env is set to max.
  • Rate is 0.54hz (fast enough the G-Env hits -1 well before the sample ends)
  • I am running Ana 2.0.94
  • Amp Env Decay is 1761 and sustain is 0

Hi there @empty

Could you please upload your Preset here on the forums, it might help to try to replicate this behavior.

@phil_johnston would be cool if you could have a look at this one, not sure if something’s wrong in the Patch programing & use of settings or if it’ a bug, thanks.

Yeah I think this might be a bug… seems volume is responding to any negative numbers as positive numbers rather than just staying at 0… Ill do some testing and get it on the big list.

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G-Env Bug.SndPr (22.3 KB)

Sounds like you’ve already reproduced the issue but for completeness attached is a quick preset that shows the issue. If you drag the OSC 4 volume knob to max on the preset it goes away. At first I thought it might be some interaction between the g-env and the amp env release time but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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