Ana 2 gui

Hey guys,well i checked the new ANA 2 at a friends homestudio.It´s a really good synth but one thing really sucks.ANA needs a seamless resizeable GUI. On a notebook 100% GUI size is to big and 75% is too small.So it would be truly appriciated if you guys from Sonic Academy can fix this.Cause this keeps me away from buying it.

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I have a similar issue on a 4k screen. 150% is too small, and 75% is seriously pixelated to the point where you cant read the text.

200% needed

Ana 1.5 is perfect

Hey @redlad

I’m not sure if there are many users making music on 4k monitors yet… :wink: I can better understand the request from @quadramoon about laptop usage but I’m personally very happy with ANA 2 Gui on a 29" monitor. Can’t tell if development is planning to change this in a future release but you can be sure that they will read the post anyway.