ANA 2 Info Box text

Why does the text info box repeat text when changing or viewing parameter values eg for frequency you display HzHz, for gain dBdB for phase oo and for time SecSec. Please fix in next update. Forgot to mention amount shows %%.

Hey there @Breeze_In

Could you please upload screen(s) shot(s) to illustrate better what you’re reporting ? Would be very handy for the DEV team and BTW, always mentioned your system specs when reporting issue.

We need at least to know your OS system & version, the Daw you’re using and S.A plug-in version and if using 32 or 64 bits. This helps since you could very well experience an issue that is specific to your system specs or Daw and plug-in version instead of a general issue with the plug-in version only.

Thank you :wink:

Using Win10 OS, Cubase Pro9.5 (or Ableton Live 10) DAWS and ANA 2 (64bit) Version 2.0.81. Image attached.
Click on Volume knob and it shows -10.00 dB. The text info box shows -10.00 dBdB. Should show -10.00 dB.
Click on the Width dial and it shows 100.00 % however text box shows 100.00 %%. Same for many other knob settings.

Great, much more clear what’s happening now. Thank you for reporting and the details + screen.

Dev team will have a look into it.

Cheers !