ANA 2 INIT not working properly

Hi, I´m working on MacOs 10.14.2 and Ableton
Each time I hit INIT on ANA2 it changes most of the knobs but remains on one -SAW- on OSC1.
I also have the problem that some of the presets do not play when browsing them, but that’s a different story.

Actually the after upgrading Ableton to 10.0.5 the problem is gone.
Maybe it was the restart maybe the update, but the behavior was there and is gone now.

Hi there @Macilias

Thank you for reporting & for your feedback after Live 10.0.5 update, that’s what I would have suggest to try first anyway BTW :slight_smile:

Are you still having issue with the presets as reported in your first post or was this also solved with Live upgrade ?