ANA 2 isn't working properly (bugs?)

Hi everyone.

Well I’m a new user to ANA 2 and after playing around a bit with the synth I keep discovering that ANA is quite buggy synth starting from mod matrix issue which hopefully will be fixed with the next release although looks like it’s taking forever and it’s not there just yet.
But not only that I keep discovering:

  1. already mentioned mod matrix issue…
  2. velocity to volume is not working…
  3. even with all the osc vol down to -inf sound is still produced…
  4. even with all arp steps cleared arps are still produced on some random step…

And this all only in first 10 mins after opening and playing around with the synth. I’m now worried about what else to expect and how reliable this synth can be if at all. For now it’s just massive disappointment.

Anyone experiencing these and potentially other issues?

Hi there and thanks for posting on the forums :wink:

While point 1 refers to a known issue, the other 3 don’t at first AFAIK.

This would definitely need more details and further troubleshooting before identifying a bug.
Might be related to how you’re using ANA 2 and what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

I’ll try to highlight a few things in those areas you might want to check on your end, but if you keep having issues and think there’s a bug or something not working or missing, then I suggest a separate post for each issue with system details and a step by step description that can help to replicate the issue.

So yes, there’s a known bug in v2.5.2 with Missing Text in the Mod Matrix the 1st time you open ANA 2 GUI. This is already fixed in v2.5.3 but this version wasn’t released for the SA version since there was some other work in progress for v2.5.4

Upcoming v2.5.4 will address this issue and should be available soon :wink:

What exactly are you trying to achieve ?

i.e : Are you maybe trying to use an expression pedal or a Midi controller to control ANA 2 main volume out or is this about other volume modulation with ANA 2 ?

The Main Volume Output is not assignable at all, you can’t Right Click and get any modulation or Midi CC assignment dialog, this is on purpose and can’t be implemented.

There are other areas where you can change velocity values and other assignable volume knobs and faders, but again we need a clear step by step description of what exactly you’re trying to achieve.

  • Is this happening with a specific Preset ?? If yes, what’s the Preset Name ?

Which volume knobs are you using ? There are 3 main Wavetable Oscillators ( Left ) and 3 Sampler Oscillators ( Right ) so it’s easy to miss a page.

A good way to troubleshoot this further is to take a look at the Oscillators Mixer to see which Oscillator is still producing sound.

Screenshot 2023-08-29 at 14.53.00

  • Same question → Is this happening with a specific Preset ?? If yes, what’s the Preset Name ?

The ARP can be globally turned ON and OFF.

You can have steps for 3 different octave and on 3 different pages ( pattern length wise ) and you need to click the Octave Range button and the page to switch the view.

There’s also a PRESET LOCK and a HOLD functions you might want to pay attention to.

So lot’s of doors left opened before concluding to a bug or something not working.

Best is to report each issue separately, include a step by step description of what exactly you’re doing, upload a custom preset or name preset(s) that are causing issue straight after being loaded into ANA 2 and also include your system details since issues may vary between Operating Systems, DAWs, plugin version and also plugin format ( AAX, AU, VST2 or VST 3 ).


Thank you very much indeed for the valuable reply I appreciate that.

I will definitely keep in mind all the key points you have just mentioned and will pay closer look if I can replicate the issues mentioned by me before together with more detailed information if at all it happens again.

Thanks and have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:

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Today while working on the project I have noticed one of my midi instrument track’s pitch is out of tune well it turns out it is ANA2’s instance on which for no obvious reason Pitch Mod Wheel was stuck on some apparently random position a few semitones above middle position on the wheel. Just to mention the mod wheel itself was stuck on that position as well and not returning back to middle where supposed to.
After restarting my DAW and reloading the project file everything went back to normal.

Sorry to say but I keep seeing these random weird issues with ANA2 only and never with any other softsynth vst.

P.S. Still waiting for latest updates for ANA2 to be released and I really hope these issues will be gone.

  • Is this happening with a specific preset or on a general basis ?

  • Can you reproduce the issue ( thanks for a step by step description in this case ).

  • What’s your Operating System Name + Version and DAW Name + Version ?

  • Is this happening with a specific plugin format AU - AAX - VST2 or VST 3 or all of them ?

  • Do you have a Midi Controller/Keyboard with a Mod Wheel hooked up to your computer ?


ANA v2.5.4 is Now available in your My Acount/My Downloads/Plugins area :+1:

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