ANA-2 LFO Dials

There is a dial/knob to the right of each of the LFO destination windows whose value can range from 0 to 100%. What do these dials/knobs control? Thanks thejazzman

Hi @jrb4jazz ,

According to ANA2 manual ( page 56/LFO Controls )

Target 1 & 2 - Selects the target where the LFO will modulate, also includes an intensity pot controlling how
strongly the target is influenced by the LFO.
Target 1&2 Amount - Determines the amount of LFO sent to the target

Great and thanks a million. Figured as much but couldn’t quite distinguish between what these two dials do and what the Depth dial does. BTW, how did you get the ANA 2 manual? My menu link to same doesn’t do anything. thejazzman


ANA2 PDF Manual is included in the .ZIP you’ve got when downloading it from your SA user account, so be sure to keep it somewhere on your HDD whenever you need to refer to it.

It seems that the menu options “Videos Tutorials” , “Manual PDF” & “ANA 2 Forum” are not working properly, I can’t tell you right now if this has already been submitted to the development team but I’ll have a look if there’s already an existing request about this.

OK, couldn’t find anything on the forum’s topics about this issue, so I’ve created a new one here

Thank you for reporting :wink:

Yep - Found the manual. Again, thanks a million.