ANA 2 license problem

I bought ANA 2 a month ago and have now encountered a strange problem with the license.
The problem seems to start when I use multiple units of ANA 2 when the plugin goes into demo mode
and the white noise sound starts, my license name gets invisible (see picture below).
If I then open another saved song/arr or empty template in Studio One with only one ANA 2,
it’s not in demo mode anymore…
How can this be?
Does the plugin do an internet check everytime I start/open the plugin?
I’m really confused :worried:
Please can someone help me…

I’m using:
Studio One 4.13.50787 (x64)
Windows 10 Home with an internet connection
My computer: Asus-gl12cm

Hey @henrixon

Is this happening when you reach a certain number of ANA 2 instances in your Studio One session ( meaning 2,3,4 instances is OK but problem starts to happen when loading more instances ) ??

What’s the CPU load and your samples rate settings in Studio One when this happens ?

Seems you’re running the latest plug-in version with Studio One 4 Up to date and quite a powerful PC, so not sure what could be the issue here.

Could you please try a full clean uninstall ( using something like free IO Bit Uninstaller on WIN i.e ) and a clean new install to make sure the .dll or some files haven’ been corrupted or something like this ? That would help for troubleshooting in the case that the issue is still happening after a clean new installation of ANA 2 and needs to be investigate further by support.

Make sure to back up your user presets if any if using IO Bit uninstaller.

Thanks, waiting for your update then :wink:

Thanks for your ideas & solutions.
It maybe has something to do with that when I was started on this project, I was using the
demo version of ANA 2 and continued with the composing right after I bought the plugin.
I also tried to freeze and unfreez the track with the plugins on and then the license is active and working.
I bounced these tracks with ANA 2 to audio, so I can continue working with the song.
I’m using multiple units of ANA 2 in at least 3 other songs without any problem,
so for now I can live with the phenomenon on this particular track/song.
Maybe I will name the song with the words “Haunted” in it… :wink:

If I have more problem with this project I think I bounce all the tracks and rebuilt it from scratch.
Otherwise I’ll get back to you guys…

Thanks again for your support!

Hi again,

OK then, thanks for the feedback. Yes, it could be due to having used the demo at first place, clean uninstall of the demo then new install from a fresh downloaded latest ANA 2 purchased version from your user account would make sure you start over with good stuffs :slight_smile:

Always tricky things happening with plug ins & computers, so I think among time you could release a full album with such tracks names… Hahaha :smile: :wink:

Yes, do not hesitate to get back to us if any further problems.

Cheers & have a nice end of week end !


Is there a long load time for this particular project when loading up by any chance

And do you happen to have KICK 2 installed and running in this project

Hi Bryan!
No more loading time than it supposed to do.
No KICK 2 inserts on this track.
I bounced the ANA 2 files to audio for this particular song
and I haven’t encountered this problem on another newer project.
I know that I had the demo version of ANA 2 installed when I started this project
and the license problem appeared after I bought the plugin.
I have no problems with ANA 2 on any other new projects/songs,
so I guess it was some clash with the demo and the real version.
I also know that I did a clean install after the demo version.
I get back to you if the problem shows up again, all is fine for now… :slightly_smiling_face:

Kind regards

Jesper Henriksson