Ana 2 license transfer

I would like to sell my ANA 2 License. I have seen on another forum that the buyer have to pay transfer fee of minimum £10 and if owner paid discounted price (like me WAS £140.00 PAID £84.00 - Which always is at 84 btw) buyer have to pay the difference in price? Is that right?

Hey there @iamsiskin

Yes, I know there’s a calculation done for the License Transfer Fee depending of the initial price you bought your plug-ins, but I’m not aware about how this is exactly calculated.

Anyway, for any Plug-ins License Transfer request, please get in touch directly with Sonic Academy customer services, this can’t be done via the forums, simply send an email with your request using the following address and they will let you know how it works and what the fee will be.

Thanks Man, I didd already. It just takes ages for them to reply.

I’ve pointed them to your request, they should get back to you.

Allow them some time though, it’s a small team :wink:


It’s been a week since I sold my license. I bought already transfer fee. I do understand that you are small dev, but my customer is unhappy too he have to wait for a week. Can you please be so kind and push the transfer forward today.

Kinds regards,

Aleks Siskin