ANA 2 midi out from arpeggiator in ableton?

Hi, it seems i cannot record arpeggiated midi from ANA2 in Ableton. I do everything im told to in tutorial, yet ANA2 is sending single notes.

What can i do?

1 - Insert ANA 2 on the 1st Midi Track and make sure the ARP module is enabled.

2 - Create a 2nd Midi Track and click on the “MIDI From” slot → you’ll see the label “MIDI From” in Session Mode view only ( switch with TAB ) in the Arrangement View it’s the 1st slot.

3 - When clicking on the “MIDI From” slot arrow, you should be presented with ANA 2 as the MIDI source. Select this and turn Monitoring to “IN” instead of “Auto”, arm the track for recording.

4 - The 2nd Midi track needs to be Record Armed Enabled and Monitoring IN.

Screenshot 2023-03-14 at 13.55.31