ANA 2 Multisample Expansion Pack / 2404

ANA 2 Multisample Expansion Pack

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Utilising the powerful new multi-sampling engine in ANA 2.5 this brand-new pack delivers all you need to get started with this massive upgrade to ANA.
From beautifully organic sampled Steinway pianos and classic guitars to bespoke recorded choirs and strings, this expansion pack gives you 30 incredibly detailed sampler instruments and 100 massive brand-new presets.
These awe-inspiring presets blend the power of new technology with the emotion of exquisitely crafted source samples to produce a completely new and complex sound palette for this cult hero synth.
Use these sampler instruments to dream up new sound worlds across three available multi-sampling oscillators, or go even more multilayered, blending the first three subtractive / FM oscillators to create mind-blowing soundscapes - all in one synth.
Send to CMD and ARP whilst modulating via the G-ENV, and the possibilities are endless. A must-have pack for all serious producers out there.


Black Friday sale please… these patches are lovely. :slight_smile:

This pack really shows off the potential of ANA 2. Tons of great stuff in here.

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