ANA 2 - no Swing to midi out ( FL Studio ) - solved

When I use the ARP in ANA 2 and play another external device with the midi notes Swing/Shuffle does not work.

Het @Timmey1983

Which DAW are you using & how did you set your Midi routing from ANA 2 to your External Instrument ??

I’m not sure about what you’re trying to achieve, ANA 2 needs it’s own midi notes events on it’s own Midi track, then you could possibly enable ANA Arp function, mute the Audio Out of the track and route the Midi Out to your External Instrument, but you have to be sure that this routing is correctly done & that your external instrument is in 'receive" mode, in Ableton it has to be set to ‘IN’ for example, but again that will likely depends of your DAW & the way to configure this kind of routing & ANA 2 needs it own midi notes in it’s own Midi track.

I use FL Studio 20 and have set up all correctly so the external device is receiving notes. But the swing button in the arp menu is not working. The swing notes will not be send.

Hi again,
I don’t own FL Studio so I can not try to replicate this but I just tried under Live 10 and the Swing & Gate knob respond perfectly well when triggering another synth instrument.

Those routing settings are sometimes quite tricky depending of your DAW settings, I suggest you to have a look on Image Line FL Studio side of things, maybe there’s a known issue on forums or some way to find hints about that.

I’m sure you know your way around FL Studio but it’s always good to check twice :wink:
Maybe this could be a good starting point :

It’s always hard to tell which one is faulty when trying to troubleshoot such issues, the plugin or the DAW.

In case you’re 100% sure that this is a problem with ANA 2, a video showing you’re set up within FL Studio & showing this issue could be handy. I could then try to install FL Studio 20 Demo to try to replicate and troubleshoot further.

Which version of FL Studio and which Operating System are you using BTW ?

Just to be sure we’re on the same specs here, when writing “play another external device” do you mean another software synth or an external hardware one ? I’m assuming you’re meaning a soft synth, that’s whats I tried under Live.

I use Windows 7 32 bit and fl studio 20. I try to use Arp swing setting on a another soft synt vst (Reaktor 6). I use the midi out settings of the ANA 2 vst plugin to route the midi notes to the vst Midi in to Reaktor 6.

I tried it with another reaktor 6 synth an it works. Please close this thread. And thank you for your support.

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You’re welcome, glad you sorted this out and thank you for your feed back ! :wink:

NI Reaktor can be very tricky in terms of in/out, many times when not starting with a “preset” instrument you could end up with no sound out at all. :confused:


Thank You.

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Yes, Reaktor is very tricky, thats right. :see_no_evil::relaxed:

But know it works and i can use the great ANA 2 plugin. But it crashes to often. See my other thread. I have uploaded a screencapture.

Yep, saw that one since the start, just reply to your upload BTW but I can’t really tell about his crash things, it will be looked at by S.A team, I saw than Bryan Spence was already in touch with you about this.