ANA 2 not writing automation in Live 11


I’m having issues with ANA 2 not writing automation in Live 11. I will record automation and it will not record it. If I try to draw in the automation, it allows me to do so, but upon playback the “automation override” button in live gets activated and none of my automation plays back as I drew it.

I’m on MAC OS Mojave and Ableton Live 11.1.1

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


What version of ANA 2 are you running ?

You’ll get the info screen ( pic below ) by clicking on the ANA logo name located top left of the plug-in UI

HI Tekalight,

Thank you for the reply. I’m currently using V 2.0.9945


Don’t mind the part about it not letting me record the automation… that part I figured out and it was my fault… but in terms of the “automation override” button in Live getting activated, it happens every time, for any parameter I automate in ANA 2.

I even tried it in a different session and had the same resutls.

Every time I stop playback and start it again, the override button gets activated even though I have NOT touched any of the automated parameters in ANA.

Thank you.

OK, so that’s the latest release for the Slate Digital version V 2.0.994s so you’re already up to date.

Is this happening when pressing the Space Bar to Start/Stop Playback ?

If yes then It could be a Midi CC assignment to the Space Bar causing this, the override button should only gets activated if you touch automation parameters in ANA 2.

You first need to find out what parameter is changing when you Start/Stop playback using the Space Bar.

Once you’ve found the parameter, right click on it from ANA 2 GUI and if there’s any Midi CC value assigned for this parameter and click on Remove CC Value.

Let us know if it’s a different issue, I will try to reproduce with ANA 2 v 2.0.993s and Live 11.1.6 on my end, a step by step description of what exactly you’re doing to get this behavior would help : are you starting from the Init Preset or is this happening when recalling a preset ? Do you set any automation before getting the issue ?

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Could also be if you have automated macros with a midi controller assigned. It could recording automation and the midi cc.

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That was it, the CC assignment was assigned for some reason. Odd because I didn’t assign it at all! It was CC123.

Working perfectly now.

Thank you so much!

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No worries, happy to read it’s now working :sunglasses:

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