Ana 2 Presets can't find Mac

Hi can some one tell me where I can find the presets or the bundle for Ana 2 on OSX. I have run the preset install links and when I try to locate the presets I get directed back to the preset install links and not the extracted presets? Can anyone help please.

Hi there @Stefano_Ricci

Every ANA 2 presets packs from Sonic Academy comes with a Win & Mac installers.
On MacOS it’s just a matter of running the .pkg installer and all file & presets are automatically installed in their respective directories on your Mac. The default install path on MacOS is /Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/ANA 2/Presets ( this is the main MacOS Library folder, not the User Library ).

You actually don’t need to access the presets, once you’ve run the installer(s) just open ANA 2 inside your DAW and you should see the new presets in the presets banks list, from the Pull Down Arrow next to Preset Name area. ( Pic 01 ).

Clicking on the Preset Name area will bring up the Presets Browser window and there’s also a “Refresh” button at the bottom of the Presets Browser ( Pic 02 ).

So after a successful installation, all your new presets should appear in there.

I’m having an issue where I’ve done all that but my EDM pack that I’ve purchased doesn’t seem to be appearing

Hi there @SMcN

Could you please specify which pack ? Is it a Sonic Academy extension pack and are you sure it was a ANA 2 presets pack ? Presets packs for ANA 1.5 ( the older version of the synth ) aren’t compatible with ANA 2.

Is your pack listed on this page ?