ANA 2 Presets Vol. 2 - Future Bass / 377

ANA 2 Presets Vol. 2 - Future Bass

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Sonic Academy is proud to preset the second preset pack for our new synth ANA 2. ANA 2 Presets Vol. 2 - Future Bass delivers 100 forward thinking presets showing you the amazing potential of this synth. A stunning collection of the deep basses, punchy leads, epic pads, and face melting wubs, to get that future bass production standing out with easy.
We have added bonus Wavetables and Arp presets to this pack that delivers big on emotion and will help you create beautiful sounding productions but is versatile to work in-house, trance and mainstage productions.


Sounds Awesome!

Excellent Pack !

Too many SEQ presets which you can’t use in a step sequencer. All the pads are one note chords, so you can’t play chords with them. Mostly unusable.

Hey there @lattetown

There is some non sense in this, I’m wondering how you’re trying to use those presets.

  • Why would you use an extra step sequencer to play a SEQ or ARP preset ?? Simply disable the ARP in ANA 2 or use it to write your own sequence.

  • Why would you try to play chords with presets that take already advantage of the CMD feature inside ANA 2 and allows you to play chords using a single key ?? If you want to play your own chords, just disable the CMD feature or program your own chords in the CMD area.

I think you’re missing a point in the use of those presets. Some users will find those already programmed sequences, arpeggios & chords instantly usable in their music, or inspiring points as well as patching learning references. Some other users than prefer to dive into sound design will disable ARP & CMD or re-program their own and also tweak the sound itself to their liking, that’s the all mean of any presets packs.

Hey there Tekalight

When I use presets from good sound designers like Aiyn Zahev, Arksum, Kevin Schroeder, Joseph Hollo they label their ARPs as ARP and their SEQ as SEQ…they don’t label them as bass or lead.

The reason for this is because they create bass lines and lead melodic lines using step sequencers, or piano rolls, or keyboards. They don’t want a pre-canned melody or riff getting in the way.

Why would I want to play a chord? Because I may want to play a major chord instead of a minor chord, or a dim7, or a suspended 8th…it sounds like you created these preset for people who don’t know how to play music.

Why would I create my own beat patterns in a step sequencer? For the same reason, so my song sounds original and not made up pre-canned riffs and themes that someone else came up with.

The tip to turn off the “CMD OFF” in the chord memory device is helpful. Most of my other synths like Hive, Dune, Spire don’t have this gimmicky feature. I make sure it’s always turned off from here on.

While a pain to go in a turn off the ARP on every single preset, I find it doesn’t really help with the sound of some presets like the “healthy” pad…which sounds like a warbly mess. It also doesn’t help with presets like the pad “Fuzzy” which still has a pulsing modulation which isn’t useful as a—you know—pad.

ANA 2 features are giving you both of best worlds : you can either decide to keep/modify the internal ARP & CMD patches or simply disable those and use your own midi tools for sequences or chords programing and design. This combine with the “PRESET LOCK” button makes ANA 2 presets packs very versatile to use and yes, many producers or people starting to learn music production will find pre-made sequences & one note chords very good starting or/and learning points and many users will even find them suitable & ready to use in their tracks, which IMHO covers all needs from what you can expect from a preset pack at different levels of expertise and soft-synth programing.