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ANA 2 Presets Vol. 4 - Progressive House

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Sonic Academy is extremely proud to present the latest preset pack for ANA 2. ANA 2 Presets Vol. 4 - Progressive House is designed exclusively by Jerome Isma Ae and Alastor delivering 100 unique and distinguished progressive sounds, combining influences of trance and techno. Jerome and Alastor’s production work is unparalleled, making them one of the highest-selling and most sought-after progressive house acts on the scene today.

This is a stunning collection of the deep basses, signature arps, dirty leads and packed with wicked percussion grooves, stabs, acid and much much more. We have added bonus Sampler Osc waveforms to expand your sampler options.

The creative sound design techniques of artists such as Matt Lange, Fehrplay, Martin Roth, Cid Inc, Lane 8 and Dusky are expertly crafted in this pack.

Nice one

I+ve seen this pack and i instatly thought YES a progressive house pack. Listened on the preview, i must say i am very disapointed. This is not what i imagined when reading progressive house, i thought alesso, avicii, nicky romero and i heared… stranger things?

You are confusing proper progressive house with what Beatport term main stage festival bangers. There was nothing progressive about those tunes. It’s all Beatports fault for silly labelling! Progressive house heads are reclaiming the genre. Viva la revolution!!:stuck_out_tongue:

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Sounds ACE !

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“Progressive house heads are reclaiming the genre.” Chris, damned straight. We need the Creamer and K / Satoshi Tomiie sounds back. That big room ‘progressive’ sound is not what it supposed to sound like. If you could ping me some of the names that are taking back the genre, it would be appreciated. And are you tweeting under the SA name because the Agnelli account seems dead.

Just got my hands on this one, really awesome pack !! Fine crafting form Jerome & Alastor, the Bass section is really amazing & the pack itself is very complete.

Love these sounds! Not everything has to be the newer style of progressive house. Its actually really nice to hear something like this. Hypnotic, entrancing…everything i first loved about progressive House. Score! Suppose ill have to buy it now!
Its worth noting for anyone considering Ana2 - its a badass synth. I own all the greats and this is one of them. You wont regret it. Te filters are fat as hell!

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Really pleased with this pack, everything sounds great.

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Too many SEQ make half of these presets unusable in your own step sequencer. Pads are not good for poly chords, but are one note chords I guess for people you don’t use pads. =( Only the Bass Basic preset is half decent.

Same usage mistake again I believe, you might be missing the point with the flexibility of the ARP & CMD features inside ANA 2. You can simply disable them if you’d like to use an external step sequencer or play your own chords or you could take advantage of those features and design your own sequences & chords progression directly into ANA 2.

The tip to turn off the gimmicky “CMD OFF” chord memory device is helpful and does make the pads more usable for making your own major, minor, dim7, sus chords. It also helps with the bass preset to turn the ARP off, though it’s kind of a pain that you have to leave the preset menu, disable the ARP (and save the preset). I can’t just audition the sounds by scrolling through the list.

Some bass presets seem like the should be keys because they don’t function well in the bass range as a rolling bass…like BitBoss.

The reason a lot of EDM producers who put videos up on this site use external sequences is because they use other synths and drum kits, and prefer to control all that in the DAW or external hardware.

Hey again @lattetown

That’s another example of not taking full advantage of ANA 2 features. For both the ARP & CMD features, there’s a “PRESET LOCK” button that you can enable. So if you use a blank ARP & CMD patch or simply turn them OFF and click on “PRESET LOCK” you’ll be able to browse through patches without hearing the pre-made sequence or chords programming. Same thing applies if you find an ARP or CMD patch that you like and would like to try with other sounds, simply enable “PRESET LOCK” and ANA 2 will keep the same ARP or/and CMD patch while you’re browsing through different presets.

Why you don’t make a video how to upload presets into Ana 2.
Diva and Zebra a simple to upload presets but Ana needs more explenation.
Maybe a stupide question for experts but we are new.

Hi there @Guy_Renardeau

What presets are giving you issue to install for ANA 2 ? Are they 3rd party presets ?

All of our ANA 2 Presets Packs come with an installer for both PCs and MACs, there’s nothing to install manually, just run your matching operating system installer, open your DAW and launch a new instance of ANA 2 and your preset library would be refreshed and the new presets are showing up in the list : simply click on the active Preset Name to open the browser.

If you bought presets packs from 3rd party resellers, then they should provide an installer or at least written instructions to help you install the files manually.

Your macOS installer certificate expired, so the presets can’t be directly opened on macOS.
There is a workaround, but the real solution is resigning the package, so please do so.

@Tekalight @Sonic_Academy please see my message above about the expired certificate. Would be great if you could re-sign the installer.

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Yeah, as mentioned in the other thread, some older installers need to be repacked and signed to meet new Apple security and system files requirements.

For now Right Clicking on the .pkg installer and selecting “Open” allows to run the installer.

For Info S.A Team → @bryan_spence