ANA 2 Presets Vol. 6 - Psy-Trance / 775

ANA 2 Presets Vol. 6 - Psy-Trance

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Sonic Academy presents our latest preset pack for ANA 2. ANA 2 Presets Vol. 6 - Psy- Trance has been produced exclusively for us and delivers that massive Psy Trance sound. Here, over 100 unique and distinguished Psy-Trance sounds show off ANA 2’s super accurately modeled saws and creamy filters.
This is a stunning collection of pounding Psy-Trance basses, twisted FX, and packed with wicked leads, tight plucks, intricate acid sequences and much much more.
The creative sound design techniques of artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Vini Vici, Will Sparks, Simon Patterson, Infected Mushroom and Astrix are expertly crafted in this pack.



To many unusable SEQ presets in this pack. Half of the pads don’t play poly chords well, almost all the basses are SEQs. It’s just MEH…

Same issue in the way you’re trying to operate those presets here, if you’d like to use an external step sequencer or play poly-chords, simply disable the ARP & CMD features if the patch includes any.

See comments on ANA 2 Presets Vol. 2 - Future Bass

I’ve been reading & replying to all your comments. On your end, check your PM messages that you probably missed.

The all purpose of my replies here at first was trying to help understanding the use of the ARP, CMD ( and now “Presets Lock” ) features inside ANA 2 that I was thinking you might not take real advantage off. But it now seems that you’re just bitching every ANA 2 presets pack leaving negative comments and trying to make a point on bad or wrong sound design for those presets packs. It’s more puzzling me than anything else TBH and in the end I don’t think it’s very relevant for other readers, but at least people got to try enabling/disabling ARP & CMD and make use of the “Preset Lock” button now, so hopefully that will be something useful for other peeps in the end.

Looking for Psy trance vol 1-5

The Vol.6 is not specific to different volumes of Psytrance preset expansions, it’s the common number for all ANA 2 preset expansions ( vol. 1 to vol. 15 ).

You’ll find all ANA 2 Preset Expansions ( as well as bundles ) here : ANA 2 Presets

There’s a Vol. 5 for Trance in there :wink: