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ANA 2 Presets Vol 7 - Synthwave

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Sonic Academy presents our most hotly anticipated ANA 2 preset pack yet. ANA 2 Presets Vol. 7 - Synthwave has been designed by Bluffmunkey and ANA 2 lead designer Phil Johnston. This pack focuses on recreating the soul of analog classics like The Roland Juno 106 / Jupiter 8 / JX8p, Minimoog, Korg Poly 6 and modern analogs synths like the DSI OB6 and Model D. Alongside these classics sounds we’ve created a huge range of modern lush pads, phat basses and epic leads, covering every sound a synthwave producer will need. This feels like the pack ANA 2 was designed for, a must have for any artist looking to take the journey to retro synth heaven.
The creative sound design techniques of artists such as The Midnight, Gunship, FM-84, Timecop1983, Trevor Something and LeBrock are expertly crafted in this pack.

Great sounds. We need more of this!

where can we get the drums used in this demo?

Hey @TB4C2

@phil_johnston & @Bluffmunkey might be the ones to answer this since they designed this pack together. I’ve seen a “Kitt Pro” track in Ableton in the YT Live demo but I can’t tell if this was a drum rack or a reference to an 80’s famous TV show car… :slight_smile:

Phil created a drum machine that was used in this track, although it’s sample based so I assume he’d be using samples from the Sonic Academy synththwave pack. He’d be best to answer this though.

My own version of my own demo did use the Sonic Academy samples though.

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@TB4C2 maybe Phil’s will tell us more then… But it could very well come from this Sonic Academy sound pack, if it’s the right one that was mentioned in the previous post… It’s a massive gold mine for Syntwave sounds BTW, 4Gb of material in this one. You can listen to the demos here.

Now this is ANA 2 truly ANAlog! Using new WAVs combined with the OB filters, make the DSI/Oberheim emulation incredible! The Analog enabled Arpeggiations are spot on and very nostalgic. I would have to agree that although I am pushing ANA 2 in an alternate direction, “This feels like the pack ANA 2 was designed for”. Very impressive, and inspiring (yes I am playing the presets, as I am posting this :wink: ). Drifting Pads, Nostalgic Leads, Deep Analog Bass, and Amazing Arps …If you were waiting to grab an ANA 2 Preset Sound-Bank, the wait is over …This is the one!

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Would this work for something like fl studios mobile?

Hey @Kindalike_jordan

This is a ANA 2 Sonic Academy soft-synth presets pack, so those are presets that will only work with the ANA 2 synth plug-in. The plugin itself will work in any major DAW thanks to AAX ( Pro Tools ), AU ( Mac & Logic ) & VST ( Mac + Win ) plug-in format. As far as what I know, FL Studio mobile doesn’t run VST plug-ins.

Hi , the 40% OFF Link to buy the Presets does not work. it is still 17,07 EUR.

Hi @Chrissy - that is now fixed!

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I think your reward system is not working, I have tried using it on a couple of preset packs, I just end up with fewer points and no discount (is’nt that not how it is suppose to work?)

Ok, my bad, I did’nt see that I had to manually copy/paste a discount code.

Sorry for the late reply :slight_smile:

Yea, that’s the process, you first unlock the rewards according to your bonus points level & rank, then you redeem the rewards against points ( therefore you’re left with less points of course ) and then you have to use the matching reward coupon code for your purchase.

Alternatively you can enter an amount of points during the cash-out process to get an immediate rebate on your purchase, that’s another way to use your points. :slight_smile:

Great presets. Love them all. All of them very useful, instant inspiration. Thank you Sonic Academy!


Sounds fabulous!

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Thanks for the pack and @Bluffmonkey video. Would love some synthwave CMD presets for the next volume!

This is my favorite preset volume so far! There are lots of very usable pads and basses. and several nice guitar leads. The ARP/SEQ patches are not bad, and some of them are even usable.

LOL, of course they are “usable” especially if you take advantage of the ARP & CMD features of ANA 2. It doesn’t make sense to stick an external sequencer or to try to play your own chords with patches that have already been carefully programmed by the sound designers, unless you’re looking for some experimental results or even more chaotic ones.