ANA 2 Presets Vol 8 - Leftfield Techno / 1053

ANA 2 Presets Vol 8 - Leftfield Techno

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Welcome to ANA 2 Presets Volume 8 - Leftfield Techno. The creativity in this pack knows no bounds. Stretching sound design in ANA 2 to the absolute limits, this pack has everything from incredible cinematic soundscapes of Jon Hopkins to flawless Guy J style leads and textures. This collection of 100 ANA 2 presets create an immersive sound design experience that will inspire you with their endless music potential. Created with analogue imperfections, noise, drift, and dust, these presets truly stand out from the crowd. The creative sound design techniques of artists such as John Hopkins, KiNK, Scuba, Guy J, Joris Voorn and labels like Bedrock, Anjunadeep, Last Night On Earth are expertly crafted in this pack.

Excellent pack so far. This Casio Temple preset sitting so snug in my little composition, sounds delicious. Thanks

Fantastic preset pack, glad I bagged this in the sale. The presets are quality!

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nice techno sounds in this pack!

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Hi there @lecz

Be sure to check Techno Vol.9 Presets if you’re after even more Techno sounds for ANA 2, they are incredible too :wink:

This preset pack is pretty good, most of the presets are usable for leads, keys, pads, etc…there are only a handful of unusable SEQ/ARPs in this collection. Whoever came up with “Selected Canadian Works” though should be shot. It sounds like it was recorded in a melted vinyl LP after being run over by the garbage truck.

Again, should I repeat myself trying to explain that you’re probably trying to use those ARPS & SEQ patches in a wrong way by using an external sequencer on top of the internal ANA 2 ARP module ?

No for this critic on the “Selected Canadian Works” pad sound, I think you’re simply don’t put this back into the context of this presets pack being very specific for the “Leftfield Techno” genre. That pad sounds totally matches this genre, and FYI most of the patches & sound design in this pack was done by no one else than King Unique who might know a thing or two about synths programming and that specific genre of music IMO. You could have find the author name using the TAG edit feature inside ANA 2 presets browser too BTW.


Again, lest I repeat myself, turning the gimmicky chord CMD and internal APR features off is helpful—it is a pain, and makes auditioning the presets a chore, but a work around.

King Unique might know a thing about synths, but his “Selected Canadian Works” is an out of tune mess.

When I use presets from good sound designers like Aiyn Zahev, Arksum, Kevin Schroeder, Joseph Hollo they label their ARPs as ARP and their SEQ as SEQ…they don’t label them as BASS or LEAD.

And again, you’re not using ANA 2 correctly, you’re simply not taking advantage of the “Preset Lock” feature available for both ARP & CMD and that make it a breeze to browse to different patches without changing the ARP or/and CMD presets.

And “out of tune mess” could very well be a key component and good way to explain important bits of the Leftfield Techno genre as well as “leftfield” music in general.