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ANA 2 Presets Volume 14 - Lo-Fi

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ANA 2 Presets Volume 14 - Lo-Fi is a brand new, deeply hypnotising and chilled out Lo-Fi Preset Pack from Sonic Academy.
Exploring the world of downtempo beats, Hip Hop, Electronica, Future Breaks and more; lie back and lose yourself in the deep and blissful baselines, hazy harmonics, powerful pads, melting melodies and jazzy rhythms.
Taking inspiration from artists such as Misc.Inc, Sleepy Fish, Arbour, Purple Cat and more; these 100% royalty-free presets are perfectly mastered to help you develop your next future chilled out lo-fi productions.

Hi Guys, loving the new Lofi pack. There’s just a couple of problems my end - certain patches like ‘Clarity’,‘Lush’ and’Matri’ ( not an exhaustive list) seem to barely play much sound. Also I’m finding I have to use the macro’s to open the filters on a lot of patches just to bring them into the audible range… and then I’m finding the filter macro isn’t behaving as it should in a lot of macros. Perhaps it’s my system? I’ve upgraded to the latest version of ANA2 - 2.0.991, but still no joy. I’m on PC in Bitwig. Perhaps you could check it out ? I’m loving the patches that do work though ! Very inspirational…


Make sure to use the VST2 and not the VST3 instance of ANA 2 if you are using Bitwig :wink:

Many thanks, the vst2 did the trick !

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Welcome to the forums and thanks for your comment ! :sunglasses:

Melty Sound, Nice.

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