ANA 2 - Recording CMD Midi out in Presonus Studio One

Hi hello im wondering how to get my cmd chords progressions from ana2 to midi files. In studio one 5?? When im using chorder in studio one 5 i render my played pregression and i have the midi file.


Hey there @jeroenverbeek

This is a screenshot from Studio One 4 but it should be the same in version 5.

You need to do this using the VST version of ANA 2 Plugin, if you’re on a Mac it won’t work with the AU Plugin version.

  • Launch ANA 2 VST onto an Instrument Track inside Studio One.
  • Create a 2nd empty Instrument Track with no device on it.
  • On this 2nd track, set the Instrument Input to ANA 2/ch1 ( matching the Midi ch. number your using in track , it’s ch. 1 by default ).
  • Arm the second track for record, start recording.

Any Midi out from ANA 2 will be recorded on the 2nd track, that’s true if you use the CMD ( Chord Memory Device ) from ANA 2 to play chords using single Midi notes ( like I did in this example ) but also if your using ANA 2 Arpegiator, your arps sequence will be recorded on track 2 as well.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

Dear TekalightStéphane,

Thank you for your answer, it works fine thanks for the tip.
I bought ana2 yesterday it`s a great synth!!!

Greetings Jeroen Verbeek,

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Happy if that could help :wink:

Yes, ANA 2 is a great synth, you’re gonna love it :smile:

All ANA 2 tutorials are free to watch on S.A website, make sure to check them out at your own pace to learn more about the synth and get the most out of it.

Here’s a list for you :

Cheers !