Ana 2 Render issue in FLStudio

Hi everyone, I’m a new user who got this incredible synth powerhouse through my Slate bundle, and I’m absolutely loving the sounds and modulation options.

The main issue I’m having is that some of my Ana 2 synths incorrectly render just the 1st note when I export to audio (.wav or .mp3).

I just did a couple test renders, and what’s even weirder is that this glitch is not reliable. The 1st mp3 render I did had the first note “chuffing,” sounding like the tonal qualities were missing, more like a fart or something. See below

But without changing a thing or even re-opening the file, I exported to mp3 again just to see, and it worked correctly. See below:

This issue also happened on a different track each time I exported. It happens to be the same synth patch, Ripped Up, though I modified it slightly. (I’m making music for an app, and aiming for some sonic consistency across tracks). Check out the same “chuffing” issue below:

Looks likes it possibly something to do with the compressor? - as that particular patch relies heavily on it

you could try shifting the song on a bar (maybe play one note in too) - that could possibly help

I will, of course, do whatever I have to in order to deliver a functional final product. I appreciate the suggestions and had considered the “bar shift” strategy. But more importantly, I’m concerned that a flagship synth product appears to have a bit of dysfunction, and am hoping that Sonic Academy will look into this.