ANA 2 Slate Ultra Bundle M1 Pro/Monterey

DAW: Ableton Live 11 Suite

I have just subscribed to the Slate All Access Pass and now have access to ANA2 Ultra Bundle. I remember having a go of ANA 2 years ago and from what I remember It was pretty powerful.

Unfortunately, I’ve had to uninstall It. It completely hangs the project and takes a long time to open; the plugin stays on a black screen for a long time before I can use it.

Anyone experienced this. Can’t seem to find much information on the compatibility of M1 Pro and Monterey.


Hi there @atkinsonkieron

Sonic Academy has released a beta version for ANA 2 addressing those issue for Apple M1 based computers for MacOS 11 Big Sur ( working on MacOS 12 Monterey as well ) and there will be performances improvements in time for ANA 2.

However, it’s a beta release and the Slate Digital version has not been updated yet, that will come in 2022.

At this time, the Slate Digital version is already M1 compatible but full Monterey compatibility is not granted.

ANA 2 runs in both native ARM or Rosetta compatibility modes, it depends of your DAW capabilities and the mode you’re choosing to run it, if you’re having performances issues, try different instances of the plugin, the VST2 pluign might be the one giving you the best results at the minute, so unless you’re forced to use AU plugin for Logic Pro, that would be the instance to use.

You will find a manual uninstall help guide on our help page in the ANA section, backup your User presets before going through the Manual Uninstall.

Manually Uninstall ANA 2

You will need to add this extra step to manually delete the VST3 plugin :

Removing the VST3 : /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST3 delete the ANA2.vst3 file

After completing the manual uninstall, reboot your Mac and install ANA 2 downloaded from the Slate Digital installer page instead of using the “Connect” app.

Give that a try and if you’re still having issues shoot an email to S.A support and include your computer model + basic specs, your MacOS version number and your DAW name + version number and if you’re running your DAW in native ARM or Rosetta compatibility mode.