ANA 2 - Suggestions

Hello I am one of the first customers who bought ANA 2. I use it every day because it is very ergonomic, however I have problems creating rhythmic acid sounds because of synchronization problems.

I have a lot of suggestions to make ANA the king of VSTi, I would very much appreciate a response from you (even negative). If you fix and add these options in a future ANA 3 you can be sure that I will be the first to buy it again :

  • G-env sync + LFO sync + MOD-env sync associated to the same knob (actually it cause glitches to the sync)

  • Fix the phase knob when I use it with a G-env sync (it don’t work until I stop the sync)

  • LFO (synchronized) depth controlled by G-env sync without causing glitches

  • Make macro knob controllable by LFO

  • sometimes mod 1 and mod 2 settings disappear in the arpegiator

  • Add filters like LP24, LP30

  • Add more bands in EQ

  • Add other types of modulations concerning the osc sync knob (like serum)

  • Make native slide and legato working in FL studio with piano roll

  • Add unison settings like [Image line - Toxic Biohazard VSTi] Unison pan - Unison detune (I tried to reproduce in ANA but impossible)

  • Add a setting to cancel the release of AMP ENV when a note retrig (like if I manually put down quickly the release knob then put up again each new notes playing) - like a “release rettriger”

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