ANA 2 + Ultimate Presest Bundle (6 preset packs)

Hi Guys,

I’m about to buy ANA finally but I’m in doubt with the standard version of 83,60€ or the ANA2 + Ultimate Presets Bundle (6 Presets packs) 128.25€

I wished Sonic Academy would show what those 6 preset packs are. I really can’t find it and I’m no noob, unless you show me different.

I’ll wait for a proper answer until I make my final order.
Thanks, Jazz.

Hey there Jazz

Follow this link and from there you’ll be able to browse via each preset pack individual product page.

The ultimate bundle includes ANA 2 and all first 6 packs you’ll find with this link, there’s just the volume 7 ( latest product ) which is not included in this bundle ( The presets bundle is also available separately & is listed there too, that means just those 6 Presets Packs but not ANA 2 synth ).

You’ll see that the 6 first presets packs will get you cover in many genres, so at a 40% off comparing to getting ANA 2 only and buying presets packs separately, I really do think it’s one not to miss…

Just saying… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Here is the link, hope that helps !

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Thank you very much. You explained it very well and it now is very clear.
I just purchased the bundle version, so happy I finally have ANA 2 along with 6 presets packs I can learn and use from.
Happy holidays to you Stéphane and the whole community.

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No problem, you’re welcome and enjoy your new ANA 2 synth :slight_smile:

Thank you & a Merry Xmas to you too :wink:

Cheers !