ANA - CPU Utilisation in Ableton

Guys though I would add some feedback for help with you guys moving forward with the product.

System - Macbook Pro - 15" Intel Core i7 2.66Ghz / 8GB Ram / Seagate Momentus 750 HD 750GB Sata 7200 & 8GB SSD

Edirol FA101 Firewire Sound Card / KRK RP6 monitors

Running Ableton 8.2.8 as this version is very stable at the moment.

Running about 20 Audio/Midi Tracks

4 instances of ANA running, and they seem to be pushing the CPU limit in ableton between 90% to 100% utilisation.

Dropping down to two is still pushing the cpu utlisation around 85% - 95%

When I disable all 4 plugins utilisation drops down to between 25% - 40%, i think there may be a bug in the latest version although I am a Hardware engineer rather than a developer.

Feel free to drop me an email for more information if required.